Hao WU

Hao Wu

Université Paris Sud XI, École doctorale de Mathématiques – Processus de croissance et invariance conforme


How did you discover la Fondation CFM ?

I heard CFM from my thesis advisor Wendelin Werner.

How has the Fondation helped you?

I really appreciate the support from CFM with whom I am able to concentrate on my research. Especially I thank CFM for affording me to attend various mathematics conferences during which I broadened my vision both in math and in the world.

What factors contributed to your choosing your field of study?

To understand the macroscopic behavior of systems consisting of many microscopic random inputs is an interesting and important question in both physics and mathematics. When I followed Prof Werner’s lecture during my master, I found this is a nice domain which is not only of particular interest in mathematical sense but also provide useful information to the research in statistical physics and quantum field theory. So I decided to do research under supervision of Prof Werner in probability, and in the relation between SLE, CLE and GFF which are three random planar objects from statistical physic models.