Gourab Bhattacharya


Comment avez-vous découvert la Fondation CFM pour la Recherche ?

I would like to thank my advisor Professor Maxim Kontsevich of Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES), to the Director of IHES Professor Emmanuel Ulmo and Professor Frédéric Paulin for introducing me to the “Fondation CFM pour la Recherche”.

Qu’est-ce que la Fondation vous apporte ?

I must acknowledge the Foundation’s good financial support. A researcher must not deviate her or his concentration due to the financial crisis, so in my opinion, this grant gives me a kind of freedom that I was longing for quite a long time. As my country of origin is India, a developing country, I, in particular very much understand the importance of having a good fund to continue one’s own research Work.

Pourquoi avoir choisi votre domaine d’étude, qu’est-ce qui vous a attiré
dans la matière que vous étudiez ?

As my recent work is concerned, I am working on “Homological Mirror Symmetry” under Professor Maxim Kontsevich at IHES. To answer how I chose this field of study is a bit complicated. I was interested in the “origin” of “dualities” that relates Donaldson Polynomial invariants for 4 – Manifolds to Seiberg-Witten’s. While investigating their relationships, I came across an equation from S-Duality that clarifies and simplifies the proof of Uhlenbeck-Yau-Donaldson-Hitchin-Narasimhan-Seshadri Theorem. As is well known, S – duality of Quantum Field Theory can be understood in terms of “Geometric Langlands Program” at a conjectural level. After getting this “very interesting” result, I gave few talks at few places last year, namely Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn,Germany, in front of Professor Yuri Manin, at a Seminar in Steklov Institute, Moscow, Russia and in front of Professor Maxim Kontsevich at IHES, Paris, there I came to understand from Professor Maxim Kontsevich how this result can be understood as an important corollary of something big in terms of Mirror Symmetry, more specifically to the B – Module side of Mirror pairs.
However, I believe in the unity of Mathematics, or Mathematical Physics, seem to me as an organic whole, so for me at least, it is the whole of Mathematical Physics I think I am interested and working, so to specify a particular stream would not be a fair justice to my field of study, so broadly it is the Mathematical Physics as my field of study.

Mathematics, the rigor of Mathematics that attracts me very much. The Purity, the Depth and Logical correctness and coherences of Mathematics keep me away from day to day struggle of life. Other than above philosophy regarding Mathematics, I wish to understand this “Geometric Universe”, the notion of “Space”, the concepts of “Dualities” in Nature and Geometry, and I consider these are the main irresistible reasons of pursuing my field of study.